South Carolina Breakfast Club

Ever heard of a club that has no dues, no business to vote on, and lifetime membership if you attend a single meeting?  No?  Then you have not heard of the S.C. Breakfast Club (SCBC).

Today was the annual turn for Greenwood to host the bi-monthly meeting of the SCBC, and I was lucky enough to experience the mass visit of many aircraft into KGRD (see my photo album for some images).  Every year since 1938, pilots and family members have been sharing meals and fellowship at various airfields around South Carolina.  The fact is, it is not only the longest-running pilot breakfast club in the world, it is the only one. Many joke and call it the $100 breakfast club, when you consider the costs involved with aviation and Avgas prices these days.  True, it is not cheap to be a member, but is a great reason to go flying!

It’s a big deal.  There are many airports across the state that are on the waiting list for the 2008 & 2009 schedule, as the schedule for 2007 has already been set in place.

The number of participants varies with the weather. They average about 75 aircraft and 130 pilots, but on a particularly nice morning there could be up to 150 airplanes and 200 members on the ground during breakfast hours.  Every type of GA airplane, from ultralight to private jet, attends these meetings. The homebuilts, light twins, and an endless list of production aircraft begin to arrive at about 7:30 a.m. and most depart before 11:30 a.m. to be home for family hours.

There are some unique by-laws to this aviation association. There is no application form or listing of the members. You join just by attending. There are no dues, and you can never quit. You also can visit again, anywhere they meet. What the SCBC does, and does best of any aviation association, is keep people around South Carolina and adjoining states flying and enjoying the fellowship of other pilots.


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