Gathering of Mustangs & Legends

My dad and I absolutely love the P-51 Mustang. Ever since he introduced me to the roar of that Merlin engine at local airshows, I was hooked. One of my favorite movie moments is during the liberation of the Chinese POW camp in Empire of the Sun, where P-51Ds swoop in and attack the airfield next to the camp.  From that movie, Jim (played by Christian Bale) stated the P-51 as being the "Cadillac of the sky." I agree.

I learned of the GML during a dinner conversation at Oshkosh last year, when Jim Campbell from Aero-News mentioned the event.  Supposedly, this will be the last mass gathering of remaining flying P-51s, and the respective Legends who piloted these crafts during WWII.  Boy, I sure would love to be able to attend, but that probably won’t happen.  Dad and I were lucky enough to attend Oshkosh in 2002 and saw 50 or so Mustangs.  It was awesome seeing them all lined up the taxiway, puffing smoke as they all spun up to start.  Here is what it sounded like when they were taxiing by.  If you get to attend GML this September, I would love to hear about it!


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