New photos in the album

I was sorting through some photos that I had stored on my HDD today, and I thought that a few of them were nice enough to throw into a gallery for all to see.

The WIS NewsHawk
Back on November 7th, 2003, WIS-TV held a 50th anniversary celebration at their studios in downtown Columbia, and had the NewsHawk Bell 206B on static display.  For them to have it there, the pilot had to land on Gervais Street, right in front of their studios.  It was a treat watching him glide down At the time, my brother Avery was the camera operator for NewsHawk (you can see him sitting in the rear), and invited my parents and I to the event.

Roy’s Piper Cub
Roy Wilbanks is part owner of a vintage Piper J-3 Cub, and took me flying in her one afternoon.  The visibility sitting in that cockpit with the windows folded open is incredible!  If you get the chance to fly in one, don’t forget to bring cotton to stuff into your ears (it is very loud)!

The Kenmore Air Tour
In October of 2005, I flew out to Seattle to see my good friend Justin Lamb, who was living near Boeing Field at the time.  He is great friends with the folks at
Kenmore Air, so he took along a few other friends of his (who also happen to be FS developers) and myself for a round-robin tour of their terminals in the Seattle area.  On the topic of Kenmore Air, there is a mission within FSX entitled "San Juan Island Run" where you pilot a de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver from Kenmore’s main base at Lake Union, to their Lake Washington base, and then up to the San Juan Islands.  I highly recommend it!!

AOPA Open House
In June of last year, Roy invited me along on a trip up to the AOPA Open House at their headquarters in Frederick, MD.  We headed up early in the morning, and I caught some great shots out of the window along the way.  Phil Boyer put his recently refurbished WACO on display, so I had to grab some photos of it.

Sherry’s Plane
This is just another photo of Sherry’s new Columbia 350 taken when she
flew down the other day.  Hopefully I’ll have more shots to add soon from a different perspective. 😉


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