Crunch! Screeetch!


This is a video showing what it is like to land a Cessna 182RG accidentally with the gear up.

From videographer Paul Wingo:

"There was a snow storm approaching in about an hour and we were doing a check ride. Because of possible ice, we had been flying with the gear down the entire time. We started doing touch and goes after a while. Habit when you take off is to raise the gear. This is what happened. So, when we come around, they were conversing and what not and simply forgot the gear was up. The prop got bent up pretty bad along with the belly of the plane."

Now, every time Roy and I have been up in his Twin Comanche, he has always recited GUMPS as we’re approaching the airport for landing.  Being a non-pilot, I asked what GUMPS stood for, and he said:

Gas – Main fuel tanks selected
Undercarriage – Landing gear down and locked
Mixture – Full Rich mixture
Propellers – Full RPM settings
Switches – Landing lights, fuel pumps, magnetos, etc.

GUMPS sure would have saved this guy’s plane from this fate.  I’d hate to see that repair bill!  Yikees!


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  1. Unknown

    When flying complex aircraft, I\’ll also run through GUMPS on base and final. My school\’s had 2 people land our Piper Arrows gear-up in the past 3 years. It usually puts the A/C out of commission for a few months, since they have to tear down the engine, replace various antennae, etc…..

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