MVP Global Summit countdown!

One of the great opportunities presented to Microsoft MVPs is the invitation to attend the (nearly)annual Global Summit. This year’s summit is set to kick-off March 12th – 16th, just two weeks to go!  From what I understand, this will the biggest ever, with some +1,700 in attendance from all over the world – talk about a technological melting pot for a week! One of the highlights of the event this year is having a Keynote address done by Bill Gates. How cool is that? I’m due to arrive there mid-day Monday, flying out of Charlotte Douglas International Airport, and leave early that following Friday.

This year’s MVP Party will be held on Tuesday night at the Museum of Flight, on Boeing Field, and being that I’m an FS MVP, I couldn’t have dreamed of a better venue for it!  The visit will also include a visit to ACES Studios, where I’ll be able to reunite with some of the team members I know, and meet some that I do not.  I will not be able to speak of what I see while there, so don’t ask (sorry)!  If I do run across anything I can pass along, I’ll be sure to do so here, but that’s very unlikely.


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