ACES developer: Kevin Burgess

As many flight simmers know, ACES studios is comprised of many talented developers. Kevin Burgess just so happens to be one of those developers. I was lucky enough to be introduced to Kevin two years ago, and we’ve become great friends ever since.

Are you interested in knowing a sample of the objects Kevin created for FS? He has taken time to illustrate this on his website, For FlightSim, he separated his work into 5 categories: Environments, 3D Scenes, aircraft, buildings, and characters.  The highlight is the 3D scenes, where his use of mouseovers to demonstrate how the 2D panel for the Beaver, Lear, Maule (pictured at right), & DG808 sailplane is quite impressive and very effective. 

Do you ever wonder why Combat Flight Simulator 4 was cancelled? So do I. Kevin shows some examples of models build by both himself and an outsourced vendor that were destined for CFS4, but now sit in a virtual assembly building, collecting dust.  The B-17F is especially nice.  Perhaps one day these could be resurrected in some future enhancement package (hint, hint).

Kevin is not only great at 3D, but is accomplished at doing 2D texture work, as he gives examples of aircraft, building, and character textures.  Though he’ll tell you his passion is for working with aircraft, his talents are not limited to work for FlightSim. His samples of oil, clay, and pencil are stunning examples of his more traditional art personality. 

Kevin is currently working on TrainSim and the Flight Simulator X: Adrenaline package and I’m sure his work will not disappoint!


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