Announcing FSX: Adrenaline!

Breaking News straight from ACES:

The ACES team has been busy working away on the next two updates for “Flight Simulator X,” Service Pack 1 and the DirectX 10 update, but we also wanted to give you a first look at something even bigger that’s coming soon. This fall, we’re releasing our first expansion pack in years: “Flight Simulator X: Adrenaline”!

This latest addition to the award-winning “Flight Simulator” franchise will introduce new features, including multiplayer air racing, new missions, and all-new aircraft, including the legendary P-51 Mustang.

Building on the rich visuals and amazing realism of our platform, ”Flight Simulator X: Adrenaline” will take advantage of Windows Vista and DirectX 10 to deliver breathtaking graphics and dynamic environments for an even more immersive experience. It’s due to hit store shelves in time for the holiday season.

In the meantime, Service Pack 1 for “Flight Simulator X” is tentatively scheduled for an April release and will include a targeted set of performance and content enhancements to address the most common customer requests. In addition, work continues on the DirectX 10 visual update for “Flight Simulator X”, which will be available as a free download around the launch of “Flight Simulator X: Adrenaline”.

Keep an eye on FSInsider for more details!


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