More pictures from the MVP Summit

The first event was a technology expo, where we all could meet up with our MVP Leads and get introduced to fellow MVPs within each technology group. From left to right, MVP Lead Tyler Welch, myself, and fellow G4W MVP, Ho Yin Au.

Bill Gates giving his Key Note address on Tuesday morning.

The MVP party was held at the Museum of Flight.  The entire place was reserved for this gathering, and food & drinks were plentiful! 

Probably the closest I’ll get to space walking.

The flight simulator lab in the Aviation Learning CenterEaglesoft donated the Cirrus SR-20 G2 software used within FS 2004.  The Aviation Learning Center is visited by over 200 groups of school children from grade 4 thru 12 during the course of a year. 

Ah, somewhere I’m very comfortable being.

Say "cheese."

Ho Yin and I looking over the VFR map for the Seattle area in the flight planning lab.

Screens of FSX on the walls of ACES Studios.

The tour group hanging on every word from Hal. 

A peek into one of the developer’s office – what a mess of cable!

The joystick graveyard.  I wonder how many actually still work. 

One of the test labs at ACES.

Special thanks to Kester for the photos! 🙂


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