N2545K in Flight Simulator X

Inspired by my flight last week, I’ve recreated Alex’s Columbia 400 paint scheme for the version we are working on for FSX.  I show the EVADE heat strips for visual asthetics only.  I’m pretty sure that we’re not planning on simulating the EVADE system in our version. 



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3 responses to “N2545K in Flight Simulator X

  1. Unknown

    Owen, please consider letting those of us still running FS9 most of the time have access to the black and white paint for the Lancair.  I have been waiting for someone to paint that color scheme.  I\’d appreciate it.  And congrats on your award; you\’ve had a lot of changes in the last year!

  2. Owen

    Access to this scheme should be no problem!  It would be no problem to make this DXT3 for FS9.Thanks!Owen

  3. Unknown

    Great!  Thanks for your reply.  I\’ll certainly look forward to it in FS9 in the near future.  I really should learn how to paint a/c so I won\’t have to beg busy guys like you for paint jobs– it\’s too bad the paint software is so expensive.  Thanks again, Owen.

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