The latest buzz…

There has been quite a bit of "buzz" going on in the FS Community lately. If you haven’t been paying attention, here is a summary of a few hot topics.



Phil Taylor has been fielding several inquiries regarding SP1 in the AVSIM FSX forum.  One user asked about file size, which spurred a pretty good thread. Another asked about how SP1 will affect the popularity of FSX.  This is an interesting question, as I think FSX is certainly already very popular as the latest incarnation of FS.  What this thread has become is more about popularity of FSX add-ons.  I have first hand experience with that, and I do hope SP1 does increase confidence of users to be able to run complex add-ons with favorable frame rates.  Oh, and this is breaking news as I type… Phil has just notified the public that the SP1 beta is now released!  Hopefully this will be a very quick beta and have SP1 hitting the pavement soon!


Barrington Irving’s flight around-the-world

Some of you may have heard about Barrington Irving. Hopefully by April 30th, the entire world will have heard of him.  Barrington embarked on his ’round-the-world flight last Friday, March 23rd. As Microsoft is sponsoring the tracking of Barrington’s Columbia 400 around the globe, Mike Singer had the opportunity to witness Barrington leaving Miami on his trek. His latest blog entry gives a great account of that send-off.


Mike Stone retires

On a sad note, long time freeware developer Mike Stone has decided to throw in the towel and leave FS development for good. From the looks of the announcement on his website, his departure is on a sour note from criticism of the FS community. Now, I’m sure there are a few select individuals (very vocal ones at that) who are the culprits. People like that really tarnish the rest of the community, and the actions of a few become punishment for the whole. It troubles me when there are people who freely give their works away and have to deal with criticism upon criticism.  Sometime enough is enough, and that is what Mike has decided.  Best wishes Mike on your future endeavors.  Your contributions to the FS community will be missed!

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