FSX SP1 Beta

As reported earlier this week, the promised SP1 performance patch for FSX has been released to beta testers, myself included.  Though they are still working on a few things that did not make this pass, it shows great promise for being the breath of fresh air for FSX everyone has been asking for. I cannot go into details until I am released from NDA, but I am seeing a drastic improvement in performance – the ultimate goal for the service pack.  Stay tuned for more info when I am able to talk about it.


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4 responses to “FSX SP1 Beta

  1. Jerry

    I\’ll have to say I will go and buy the game when I see these "drastic" improvements.
    I get about 20 fps with high to ultra high settings with autogen set to low.
    System specs:
    AMD AM2 4800+ 2.4 ghz w/ 1mb L2
    2gb of DDR2 800mhz RAM Dual-Channel
    Asus M2N32-SLI Deluxe Nforce 590
    Nvidia 8800 GTX Superclocked 768mb GDDR3 (DX10 with SP1???)
    Good luck with this SP….

  2. Mike Pan

    …and can we expect this \’drastic improvement\’ before say April 20th?  and hopefully SP1 doens\’t only improve performance on vista machines…
    also, why is there a NDA for a *patch*?  what\’s the worst that can happen if flight simmers learn that we will see a 100% improvement in performance in FSX with a patch?!

  3. Owen

    I wouldn\’t expect it by April 20th, as we have yet to have a refresh.  No, performance will not be only on Vista machines, as I am not yet running Vista. There is an NDA because they do not want to say something will be improved, and then at the end not be able to deliver that due to some other circumstance.  It is no different than any other beta agreement.

  4. Phillip

    Any chance we will see bug fixes in this pack like the one where I cannot kick multiplayer users from a session when I am hosting as an ATC? It gets annoying having people ruin your session as they act like terrorists or something. Any performance boost would be drastic IMO. But the multiplayer kick feature is more important to me then anything. Thanks for keeping us all updated in the progress. FSX is awesome. and a boost is even better! Good work guys.

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