Project Open-Sky release 747-100 & -200

Project Open Sky, my alma mater of FS design, announced today the release of a new 747-100 and -200 series of aircraft for FS 2004.

Award winning Project Open Sky has been in existence since late 2000, and has turned out 20+ aircraft including the FSDS C-17 Globemaster III I did for them in 2001.  Andrew Wells put together a very nice photo timeline of the aircraft created.  I’m not the only one who has moved on to bigger and better things from POSky. Other notable alumni of POSky include:  Mitsushi Yutaka & Gary Hayes of Level-D and Albert Bouman & Shervin Ahooraei of CLS.

For freeware, POSky really churn out some quality aircraft, so I recommend giving them a go.  If you like what you see, why not donate to them to help with website bandwidth?  I understand that those who donate are privileged with beta testing future releases.  I’d say that’s a pretty nice way of saying "thank you!"


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