What am I up to?

While I was working today, I thought it would be a good idea to give a brief summary of the work I’ve been head’s down on lately. Well…I’ve been spending some time adding panel and rivet lines to the Twin Comanche. The visual model is pretty much a done deal, and getting the exterior textures in good shape is all that is needed to be completed. Ron has been working on the 2-D panel bitmap and should have a preliminary version to show me soon, so I am looking forward to that! We have a lot of good stuff planned for the gauges, including a custom Bendix/King KI-825 Electronic HSI by Ike Slack. We also are going to be utilzing gauges from Keith Giveans’ Simflyer studio, which will work perfectly for the Twinkie! Below is a quick snapshot of what my Photoshop desktop looked like while I was working today. It has been reduced in size, so there has been some distortion as a result of that, and proper transparency hasn’t been set – a perfect example of work-in-progress! 



On the FSX Columbia 400, we are awaiting the finalization of code with regards to the SP1 package before we can go forward with it. I can’t speak specifically on what that entails, but it is crucial for us to have solid code to base our work on, and with SP1 still in a beta state, who knows what will change before it is locked down. I will say that ACES has been very receptive to our input through the SP1 process, and I am conviced that they are dead set on getting FSX to a truely stable platform from both a performance and 3rd party support standpoint. Hurray to ACES for that!


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  1. Bobby

    Looking good Owen. I\’m looking forward to a working model to help \’tweak\’ the textures when you\’re ready, (I love twins). 😉

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