Patty Wagstaff’s new Extra 300S scheme

Keeping on the whole airshow theme for today, I recently learned of Patty Wagstaff‘s new paint scheme for her Extra 300S.  It is a radical change from her former red, white, and blue scheme.  I like it.  The closest she’ll be performing to me will be at Seymour-Johnson AFB in Goldsboro, North Carolina May 12th (the day after my birthday).  I’d like to see someone repaint the default Extra 300S in FSX in this new scheme. Anyone up for the challenge?


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7 responses to “Patty Wagstaff’s new Extra 300S scheme

  1. Bobby

    I like this one much better. I\’ve posted a shot of her with Ron on my livespace..he managed to get several pictures of her photoshoot at the Cirrus pavilion.  She\’s usually here  at Sun and Fun Owen…come on down! 😉

  2. Brian

    That is one pretty looking plane.

  3. Brad Henry

    Was this taken at an airshow?

  4. Owen

    Yes, I believe this was taken at the Tyndall AFB airshow a few weekends back.-JOH

  5. Ron

    Maybe we\’ll see her next week at Sub N Fun Bob:-)

  6. Owen

    Bob & Ron-I\’m pretty sure that she is scheduled to appear at S-N-F. 😉

  7. Daniel

    For anyone that’s looking for a repaint like this, check out

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