Wow! A turbine powered biplane!

The airshow crowd is sure in for a treat! Following the press release posted on ANN yesterday, there has been quite a buzz being stirred about the Turbine Toucan.  According to their news page, they have been hammered with over 50,000 hits on their site within 12 hours.  Just goes to show you what kind of readership ANN has!

On paper, this is an incredible machine: 1,650-lbs. gross weight, powered by a 750HP turbine engine producing 3,000 lbs. of thrust – that is nearly 1.5 times the power to weight ratio!  They intend to break several Guiness Book Records with this aircraft, including the longest duration of hover by a fixed wing aircraft.  They anticipate flying her for the first time very soon – I hope they put video footage up of that!

This aircraft reminds me of Wayne Handley‘s Turbo Raven that crashed in Salinas, California in 1999.


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  1. Bobby

    That is
    I used to want a Columbia 400, but now…..mmmm.

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