Barrington makes it to Rome

It appears that Barrington is back on pace with his adventure flight across the globe, with registering his stop in Rome, Italy today.  Be sure and keep tabs on his blog‘s photo gallery for new images – he added pictures from Madrid yesterday.  Keep the blue side up, Barrington!


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2 responses to “Barrington makes it to Rome

  1. Unknown

    Do you know when the FSX version of the Columbia 400 will be coming out? I purchased the version for FS9 but would much rather pretend to be Barrington using FSX 🙂 Will there be a version with Barrington\’s aircraft\’s paint scheme?

  2. Owen

    The FSX C 400 is still being worked on – we are waiting for SP1 to be locked down before making sure everything we\’re working on is going to work correctly.  Stay tuned to Eaglesoft\’s website for details!Owen

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