Red Bull Air Race Rio – 5 days and counting

After an exciting start to the 2007 Red Bull Air Race World Series which saw Hungarian Peter Besenyei win the first race in Abu Dhabi in front of 250,000 spectators, the race heads to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil and lands at Botafogo’s Cove on April 21. This will be the first time the Air Race has taken place on South American soil. Spectators will be able to view the action from the shore watching the world’s best pilots fly at speeds reaching close to 250 mph, coping with forces of up to 10G whilst navigating a complex race course in the sky.

With the race in Abu Dhabi fresh on their minds, the pilots will be ready for Rio by racing all out to gain valuable ranking points in the second race of the season. They will fly two laps of the challenging aerial race track in beautiful Baia de Guanabara (Guanabara Bay).  With temperatures expect to be around 75F / 24C and overcast, the pilots will fortunately only have to deal with the heat of intense competition in the new knock-out system. 

Kirby Chambliss, who finished fourth in Abu Dhabi, had this to say about the new knock-out sytem format: "That’s just the way the format is…you go as fast as you can…we’ll see how it all plays out." He goes on to describe that "…flying four times is going to kill us for sure.  They’re going to have to figure out a way to cut to 8 on the qualifying day and then fly 3 times or bury somebody."

Mike Goulian will not take part in the Rio leg of the Red Bull Air Race due to his appearance at Sun-N-Fun.


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