Unexpected visitor overhead

While I was home this afternoon working in my office, I received a phone call on my cell – I looked to see who it was, and I was delighted to see that it was my good friend Roy Wilbanks. I proceeded to answer it and to my surprise, all that I can hear on the other end is what sounded like a wind storm.

"Roy? … Roy? … You there?" I asked.

"Owen! Owen! Are you home?" He finally spoke about 30 seconds into the call.

"Yes, I am home, where are you?" I asked, very puzzled.

"Step outside … I’m in the J-3 flying up the lake at about 800 feet … get your camera!" I heard him shout above all of the noise.

"Okay!" I shouted.

"I can’t hear anything you’re saying – I’ll talk to you later on!" He shouts, and then the phone goes dead.

Christy Lake had spent the day at home with me, so I gathered her in my arms and grabbed my camera as we headed out the door. Sure enough, moments later, here comes Roy meandering up the lake, barely above stall speed. I managed to grab a couple of shots off as he circled overhead, with the one above being the best of ’em all. What a welcome & unexpected airborne visit. Christy Lake sure enjoyed it – the bright yellow of the J-3 made it really easy for her to see. I told her to wave and she just waved and waved, not really knowing why she was doing so.

Drop by anytime, Roy!


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