Polypoke has had a makeover

Microsoft unveiled a brand-new set of features for Live Spaces today.  Details of the new stuff can be found at the Space Craft.  The new code took away my "hack" that allowed me to add custom HTML where I wanted, but I was able to add the "official" HTML sandbox.  We can now remove unwanted gadget titles, so that cleaned up things a bit.  Thanks MS for the new features – I’ll be exploring more soon!

How do you like my new title banner?



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3 responses to “Polypoke has had a makeover

  1. Ali

    Glad you liked the new features. Please give us feedback once you explored some more, on our team blog Spacecraft. I like the new title banner 🙂

  2. Owen

    Hi Ali,Thanks for the comments re: my new banner!   I\’ll be sure to send feedback via SpaceCraft.Best,Owen

  3. Bobby

    Glad to hear the news the team continues tweaking the spaces features Owen, the new title banner great!

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