Did you know that GARMIN had a blog? Until last Thursday, I did not.  While searching for information on Sun-N-Fun, I ran a search through Technorati and this post appeared. I followed it, and saw that built into the post was a contest: name the barnyard animal sound in the intro music to their youtube video.  So, I watched the video, and gave a reply with my answer.

I haven’t really thought much of it since then. I figured that there were many others who followed this blog and had beaten me to the punch.  Not so!  I received an email this morning from a PR person from Garmin asking me to forward my shipping details, as I was the very first to reply to the post with a correct answer!  How cool!!  Sometimes it pays to take a chance.

[EDIT] – I got a mention in their last post. 🙂 


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  1. J

    Well, at least you won something!!  lol  I have never ever won a thing by entering a contest, just one of those things I guess.  Congrats on the Garmin goods, I\’ll be keeping that blog in my list of favourites.

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