No FSX SP1 by April 30th

Reported this afternoon by Phil Taylor, Senior Program Manager for Graphics and Terrain:

"It is true, for perf testing the upcoming Beta3, I gave advice to turn AI aircraft down. Some AI aircraft have a high render cost and will skew the results of perf testing Beta3. We had a perf regression in trees we believe Beta3 will fix, and need results that are not skewed to validate that.

"It is also no secret that turning down AI aircraft gives back perf in RTM, this just confirms it. And my guidance simply confirms that SP1 performed no work in this area.

"And yes, this means we won’t make April, sorry about that. We are trying to get it right."

Personally, I appreciate the efforts of those involved getting SP1 completed and done right as Phil states.  I guess they have fallen into the trap of stating an anticipated release date, and it slipping due to complications.  I really hope the public will accept this and be glad for SP1 when it is "right."  Nothing constructive can come from negative statements – just let them do their jobs.

Thanks for the update, Phil! 


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