Bear Gulch in FSX

My good friend and fellow FS developer Bill Womack has posted new images of his fourth-coming update of Bear Gulch scenery that will accompany the RealAir Simulations Scout FSX package.  The images are courtesy of the talented screen shot "grabber" Nick Churchill.  The images look great, so be sure to have a look!

While checking those out, be sure to take a look at Bill’s post introducing Dillingham Field in Hawaii – simply stunning!



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3 responses to “Bear Gulch in FSX

  1. Hi Bill –
    Spaces has been acting up a bit ever since they have re-designed it – maybe they’re still getting the bugs out.  Thanks for the comment!
  2. (no name)
    Wonder why it doesn’t put my name in when I make a comment? I’ve checked the "Use my profile information" box… it’s a mystery. Anyway, this is Bill W. Like you couldn’t have figured that from my comments above.
  3. (no name)

    Thanks for the nod, Owen! Bear Gulch has been a particularly fun project to immerse myself in while we wait for the roll-out of SP1. I’m looking forward to trying to cram a Columbia 400 onto the runway ;-).

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