FSX SP1 Beta 4

Yes, as I type, Beta 4 of SP1 is being uploaded to the servers to allow testers to try out some (hopefully) last fixes.  I’ll be out-of-town this weekend, but I’m eager to try the fixes out first-hand when I get back.

If everything checks out like Phil expects, then public release of SP1 will be very close!!  I cannot mention the anticipated date, but it is significant for two reasons (for me, at least).



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3 responses to “FSX SP1 Beta 4

  1. Victor

    Hope you have a good birthday. 🙂

  2. Victor

    Oh well, the birthday presents will just have to wait until next week now!

  3. Owen

    Yes – Since Phil let the cat out of the bag that the anticipated date prior to these last minute tests was indeed Friday, and yes, Friday just so happens to be my birthday.  I did not state it outright, thus I did not violate my NDA, but for the one person who knew Friday was my birthday, good on ya for keeping hush-hush.  Besides, the before-said date could have been some other day than Friday – or Saturday – which "could" have been a significant day to me for some other reason.  Conclusions aren\’t always easy to assume. :)Best of luck to ACES on finally getting SP1 out the door so other tasks can be accomplished – yeah, like that exciting new X-pack!

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