Bonhomme takes lead yet again

Hot off of his performance in Rio, Paul Bonhomme is yet again the man to beat after Friday’s Qualification round, edging out Peter Besenyei by .90 seconds and Kirby Chambliss by 1.85 seconds.

My friend Mike Goulian had an unfortunate mechanical error with his airspeed indicator, which only allowed him to make one pass in qualification. Here is what he said about it:

“Unfortunately it wasn’t problem of my own doing. The air speed indicator wasn’t working. For some reason they decided not to let us do the first run. So all my job was to make sure I was there for the Saturday for the race. I went out there and just did a leisurely pace and put the airplane solidly in the pack for tomorrow. It’s a shame I didn’t really get a chance to see how fast I could fly. I was just out there taking a cruise to make sure I got into top 12. It’s hard. How much do you back off? I backed off just enough. Now that everyone’s flying very close times you can’t back up too much. I could have easily have flown a 1:01. I’m happy with being able to crank up in the morning.”


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