Eaglesoft FSX Columbia 400 very close!

With the SP1 for FSX just around the corner, the Eaglesoft FSX Columbia 400 is very close to release! The team and I have been working very hard to incorporate the very latest technology offered by Microsoft in their latest version of FS, and will require the use of SP1 before installation.

The aircraft will include: High resolution textures with specular mapping, dynamic environment mapping, self-shadows, precise animations including independent control over all access points, pre-flight gauge, and Avidyne portrait MFDs that are fully integrated with the GNS 430 and S-Tec 55X Autopilot. In addition, the package will include 9 paint schemes, 6 of which are based on real Columbia 400 aircraft! Here are a few teaser images:



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2 responses to “Eaglesoft FSX Columbia 400 very close!

  1. Our Columbia is not compatible with RealityXP software, due to the tight integration of the GNS 430s with the Avidyne and autopilot.  This add-on is specifically for FSX, designed according to the FSX SDK.  For comments regarding Eaglesoft and Vista, refer to this thread in our forums: http://www.eaglesoftdg.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2122

    Best regards,


  2. Fantastic a/c, what about the 430XP? is the reality software? What about this add-on with FSX&Vista?
    Looking foward for it 😉 and Sp1

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