FSX SP1 now available // Become an FSInsider

News is quickly spreading around about the public release of SP1 last night – I was currently at work at the time and did not get a chance to mention it here, but better a few hours late than never, right?

Phil’s posts are a pretty technical look at exactly what was addressed, but I thought that I would also highlight a few things that were fixed that I am especially excited about.
Remember how the wheels of the aircraft would suddenly stop rotating after the aircraft left the ground in FSX RTM?  They now rotate slowly to a stop as they should, or they will stop if you press the brakes (good habit for those who use retracts).

Remember how VC gauge backlighting worked for FS9 aircraft by using light maps? Yep! That has now been re-implemented, so expect to see the awesome beauty of those cockpits to come alive once again in FSX. Mike Z goes into more details about how SP1 has affect the SDK in SP1A.

One other thing that is pretty significant from a model standpoint – compiled models now have a significantly smaller file size, more in line with the file sizes associated with FS9 models.  There is absolutely no loss in fidelity either – every polygon is present and accounted for.  Without going into too much detail, the original compiler was doubling up on data that it really should not have been.  I didn’t even realize that it was an issue, but it has created a dramatic performance increase in 3-D models, so I truly applaud the ACES team for addressing this.

ACES has also used the excitement and publicity over the release of SP1 to kick-off something that has been in the works for a long time! Membership as an FSInsider! Here’s the blurb from the site describing this new exciting element to MS FS:

"Initially, we’ll let you know about product updates. We’ll pass along relevant news and information. We’ll also tell you about upcoming events, contests, and promotional offers related to Flight Simulator and things like Flight Simulator. As the program grows, being a member will include even more benefits. You’ll be able to create a Member Profile and connect with other members who share your interests. You’ll have access to exclusive content and features like: screen shots of the week, Web-based storage and recovery of your Flight Simulator X logbook, links to Virtual Earth/Flight Simulator projects, Flight Simulator-themed Windows Live Spaces…and more!

We have lots of ideas, but we want you to help us shape the experience. Just click the "Send us your feedback" link at the bottom of any FSInsider page."ACES really does want to hear feedback from users regarding this, so be sure to drop them a note and let them know what you think!


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