Freedom Weekend Aloft 2007

Freedom Weekend Aloft took place this past weekend in the upstate of SC. Did I attend? No. The family and I were in Tennessee for the weekend. I’m sure Christy Lake would have loved to see balloons above, as "ballooooon" is one of her favorite words to say. Maybe next year.

Freedom Weekend has been an annual event in the upstate for as long as I can remember.  It used to take place on the weekend of the 4th at Donaldson Center.  My grandparents live in Mauldin, downwind from Donaldson, so there were many times where hundreds of balloons could be seen floating by the house. Ah, the days of my youth.

Coincendentally (or incidentally), the recognized founder of the modern-day hot-air balloon Ed Yost passed away on Sunday. One day I would like to ride in a hot-air balloon to see what the sensation is like. I hear that there is no breeze because you are moving with it.

Back to work on the CX & TC…


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