Microsoft Live Labs Photosynth

Every once in a while I’ll run across something so impressive and ground-breaking that I’ve got to spread the word about it. This afternoon was one of those moments, and its name is Photosynth by Microsoft Live Labs.

Microsoft Live Labs is a collection of scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs who are interested in improving the online world.  They have developed some really incredible web applications that will revolutionize the way we view images on the web. Photosynth can be test-driven on the web right now. Go check it out.  You will be amazed.

Check out the youtube video below from this year’s TED Conference.

 FlashDetection.handleEmbedCode(“a3a9ca10-196a-4cd1-a0ab-4bd1b763fe64”, ‘\x3cembed src\x3d\x22http\x3a\x2f\\x2fv\x2fs-DqZ8jAmv0\x22 width\x3d425 height\x3d350 type\x3d\x22application\x2fx-shockwave-flash\x22 wmode\x3dtransparent pluginspage\x3d\x22http\x3a\x2f\\x2fgo\x2fgetflashplayer\x22 allowscriptaccess\x3dnever allownetworking\x3dinternal\x3e’, ‘http\x3a\x2f\\x2f00.0.0000.0000\x2fWeb\x2fimages\x2fnoflash.gif’);


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  1. Definitely amazing stuff Owen!

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