Some helpful hints and insight from Phil

Phil Taylor keeps the ball rolling with his weekly FSX tweaks and tips posts. This weekend, we are treated with two topics: "AI at 80% max" and "Water slider and FPS costs."  In "AI at 80% max," Phil makes a stern suggestion to never raise the AI population above 80%, and he gives several good reasons why.  In "Water slider and FPS costs," Phil explains the exact effects and demand on the PC for any given water detail complexity.  This information is great for anyone who wants to weigh out which is best to use.  Personally, I stick to the 1.x settings.  Every once in a while, I’ll bump it up to 2.x low for some minimal reflections, but I really do not fly that close to the water (when I am near water) to really tell that much a difference.

On a side note, my good friend and Eaglsoft colleague Bob Hayes is visiting me this weekend.  He and I are going to be doing some technique sharing for model design.  I hope to get a few photos of us to share while he’s here.  Have a great one!


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