Further paint tweaking of Twin Comanche in FSX

While we were in Batavia this weekend, I realized that the predominant color of Roy’s chromalusion paint is really a teal color (shown below) and highlights a bright purplish magenta color.

So, I spent today modifying my textures to represent this, and I made a quick video of the results.

 FlashDetection.handleEmbedCode(“8482a8f7-5aef-4fb0-a4f8-82857cc8650f”, ‘\x3cembed src\x3d\x22http\x3a\x2f\x2fimages.soapbox.msn.com\x2fflash\x2fsoapbox1_1.swf\x22 width\x3d432 height\x3d364 type\x3d\x22application\x2fx-shockwave-flash\x22 flashvars\x3d\x22c\x3dv\x26amp\x3bv\x3d269570c1-5b94-4941-890e-17ebcb9f75b7\x22 wmode\x3dtransparent quality\x3dhigh pluginspage\x3d\x22http\x3a\x2f\x2fwww.macromedia.com\x2fgo\x2fgetflashplayer\x22 allowscriptaccess\x3dnever allownetworking\x3dinternal\x3e’, ‘http\x3a\x2f\x2fsc4.sclive.net\x2f00.0.0000.0000\x2fWeb\x2fimages\x2fnoflash.gif’);
Video: Improved Chromalusion effect


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