The Jet

The Jet. Cirrus Design unveiled their newest concept aircraft to the public today and it is nothing that I imagined it would look like. The V-tail is a nice touch. What do you think of it? I see they are continuing the tradition of dual doors, an uncommon feature of the latest VLJs.  Will it be as successful as the SR-20 & SR-22?  Only time will tell.



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3 responses to “The Jet

  1. (no name)
    Hopefully once Cirrus is done testing, you guys at Eaglesoft will have a version for FSX.
  2. Yeah, I’m sure weight will be a huge factor in economy, especially since she seats 7.  Where are 7 people going to put all of their luggage?  You think they’re targeting the air-taxi market where passengers will not be carrying more than a briefcase or two?

    I agree that they’ll be some significant structural changes to be made.  Not sure what avionics package they’ve got in mind, but there’s plenty of room to accomodate just about anything on the market today.  Visibility sure looks to be great as well!


  3. Wow, that is cool Owen. Single turbofan with the caps system too…mmm. A two door system, I wonder about the weight, and with all those seats too! Unbelievable. I take it local O2 system with a max alt of fl250, not pressurized. I suppose the V-tail option was a necessity for the jet exhaust huh? First thing I looked for were rudder pedals…for the sake of those Doctors eh? 😉
    At this early stage in development I would expect to see a huge number of significant changes. I bet those stabs under the tail will grow in size after later tests of high altitude stall recovery, side stick in the cockpit…I wonder if G1000’s are to follow?

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