Boeng 7X7 compilation at KBFI

My good friend Roy McMillion has a very nice compilation of photos from the 07.07.07 gathering of all 7-Series aircraft ever produced by Boeing at KBFI, Boeing Field.  Here is one from his collection that I found  interesting.  Do you see what I see?



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3 responses to “Boeng 7X7 compilation at KBFI

  1. NR
    They are testing them already? I thought the rolls royces werent available till 2010… will the 78’s get the rolls engines?
  2. That’s the Rolls-Royce Trent 1000 testbed aircraft, with the trent hanging off the #2 pylon.
  3. NR
    Thats looks spooky! But most of the engine management functions are quite similar (if not the same) across the 7×7 family which largely use the CFMI engines. Looks like a CFM56 series, which are very popular on the 73x’s and even on the Airbuses (321’s and 340’s).

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