Setup Complete…Time for Opening Day

What an eventful day this has been.  We all arrived at the booth bright and early this morning (well, 10 am to be more specific), ready to get all of the kiosks ready for the 1st official day of AirVenture 2007.  All computers in the booth were pre-loaded with FSX Deluxe Edition, so the hurdle of installing and activating them was luckily done before we arrived.  Mike Lambert and I then proceeded to install SP1, DX10 update, and then a demo version of the Acceleration Expansion Pack – yes, this will be the first time people will be able to experience Acceleration first hand (in an abbreviated version, no less).  The F/A-18A is there, as well as a few select Red Bull Air Race tracks in single-player missions.  The official kick-off at Reno should have the entire expansion package presented, complete with the EH-101 and race modified P-51D (so no sneak look at those, sorry).

Getting all computers going with those updates took less than an hour and we were pretty happy with that. It was not until Brandon Seltz, Paul Lange’s partner in crime, discovered that there was no audio did the headache of the day begin. After fiddling with a few settings, we were able to get audio, but at a cost of it sounding very distorted.  We were puzzled so we tried changing this and changing that within the settings…no luck. The speakers are the Bose Companion 5 being fed from the computer via USB. Mike Lambert looked over his shoulder and suggested "Why don’t we just ask Bose to find out what is going on?" as he pointed toward the Bose tent which was a mere 50 feet from our booth. We walked over, explained our situation, and within 30 minutes several Bose guys were at our booth helping to troubleshoot.  Well, they couldn’t figure out why the sound was distorted. Realizing that these computers also had Creative Soundblaster audio cards, one of the tech’s pointed out to us that the Companion 5 also allows mini-jack input. Ureka! We re-wired the workstations to use mini-jacks for the audio source, and we’re now cookin’ with gas. Life is good again.

After a gruelling couple of hours, we all decide it is time for lunch and set out in search of food.  Once our bellies were full and satisfied, we all hop onto Hal’s 6-passenger golf cart, and take a grand tour of the grounds. It is "set-up" day, and already there were 100s of people walking around.  Planes of all shapes and sizes were flying overhead adding to all of the excitement.

This evening, we dined at the Hilton next to the Super 8 with a tasty buffet – just what the doctor ordered for a bunch of hungry men. The evening wrapped up with yet another ride around the grounds. Being that it was getting dark, we started heading back to the ‘8 via the Warbirds section. Well, we end up getting kicked out … rather escorted out of the warbirds, as we quickly learned that the area was closed. We didn’t see any signs stating such, but oh well, we were all tired anyway so we headed back to our temporary home away from home to call it a night.

Tommorow we meet bright and early (I mean it this time) in the lobby in preparation for opening up the booth to the public at 9am. I’ve got my fingers crossed that things will go well. See you there!



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2 responses to “Setup Complete…Time for Opening Day

  1. Cool update Owen! Time is going to fly by for you guys!

  2. (no name)
    Say, if you have time – could you please check into the Cessna 162 Skycatcher?  And simulating it?  It’s the new Light Sport Aircraft Cessna is going to build.
    I hope somebody credible gets this to FSX!

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