Free practice IFR flights from BruceAir

Back in January, I spoke of Bruce Williams’ new book Microsoft Flight Simulator as a Training Aid. While in Oshkosh, I had the pleasure of witnessing Bruce speak about his book in one of the forums. People in the audienced asked some really great questions and were quite intrigued by the practicality of his examples. For those of you who already own the book, Bruce has posted a few more IFR flights on his website to complement his collection included on the CD-ROM. Those of you who have not yet taken the plunge and purchased his book, you should have a look at the free IFR flights he has available. If you like what you experience, then you should give the book a go. And yes, he does provide content for both FS 2004 and FSX.


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2 responses to “Free practice IFR flights from BruceAir

  1. BRUCE

    Thank you for the kind comments. You may also want point out that all of the Practice Flights that come with book are available for download (free) from my Web site. Naturally, I think folks will want the book and the CD (which includes the preflight briefings and many more useful resources), but the Practice Flights themselves are available for anyone who wants to try them out. I\’ve also posted a PowerPoint show that describes a popular way to figure out holding-pattern entries, a handy kneeboard template (.pdf) that I\’ve honed over the years, and many links to other goodies.

  2. Owen

    Hi Bruce,Thanks for the clarification regarding the practice flights in that all of them are available freely. I\’m sure people would prefer to get the book to show the other side of the coin when it comes to how to use them appropriately. Thanks for stopping by!Owen

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