Twin Comanche progess on my end…

I uploaded a few images of the Twin Comanche‘s virtual cockpit to my photo gallery the other day (in case you didn’t notice). I did this for two reasons: 1) I wanted to try out the new "enhanced for photo printing" capabilities, which allows much larger photos to be uploaded and 2) I thought that it would be nice to show the VC with almost everything accurately depicted.

(Warning! Technical development talk follows…)
The VC gauges originally were using just a single 1024×1024 texture sheet. Resolution for the avionics was unacceptable. The text could not be read. So I made the executive decision to split the gauges up onto two 1024×1024 pixel texture sheets, allowing me greater space to put my avionics stacks. You can see in the screen captures that the text is very legible now.

The Twin Comanche project has been going on for several years now, and I’m excited that it is finally becoming a reality. I appreciate Roy’s patience through the project as he has poked and prodded me about its progress … well, Roy, the day is very near!


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