FSX Acceleration launch event starts today!

Announced a few months back by Paul, the official launch event for Flight Simulator X – Acceleration starts today at the Reno Air Races. Paul describes yesterday’s setup in this blog entry. I spoke to my good friend Brandon (Paul’s sidekick) who will be joining the show sometime Thursday. He said that he would make sure to call me during a heat race and make me jealous for not being there. Yeah, I was invited, but the fact of not having vacation time left with my "day job," I had to respectfully decline.

Paul briefly mentions how they’re having two different displays set-up; one like the booth at Oshkosh with 8 kiosks, and special for this show, they have a multi-player environment in the pits. Brandon is hoping to have some real Reno racers give Acceleration a go for the ultimate litmus test. How much you want to bet some crash and burn on their first go? Yeah, FS isn’t as easy as it looks especially now there is added "realism" going on in Acceleration.


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