4th Edition of Performance Art published

Adrian Woods published his 4th installment of the "performance art" series of blog entries today. This time Adrian discusses the pitfall they (MS) have fallen into by using untextured objects with different colors. My experiences with using untextured parts within an FSX model leaves you with parts that do not appear at all. Every part on an aircraft must have some texture assigned to it, or it will not appear. I figured this had something to do with the new shaders. 

Adrian then touches on how using too many bones or skinned animations can be a huge performance hit if not careful. I have to admit that I have yet to explore using bones extensively. I hope to one day have a go at using them in a project as I can appreciate the benefits and ultra-cool results they produce. Since I mostly deal with smaller aircraft, wing flex just does not make sense to use. Pilot animation, on the other hand, can utilize this technique. I just need to sit down and learn it. But then again, the time factor always comes up!

Why the use of a "Neon Brown" logo? Well, in addition to being a very talented 3-D developer at ACES, Adrian is an accomplished musician. He and his brother Andrew play several times a month in the Seattle area, and even have a few CDs produced. Check out their MySpace page to hear a few of their songs.



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2 responses to “4th Edition of Performance Art published

  1. Unknown

    I am a VC only sim flyer so the pilot animations are not that important to me for the loss of FPS or increase in development time. 
    I am looking forward to your guys twins. Keep up the good work.
    Thank You,

  2. Owen

     Hi Mike,No worries regarding the skinned animations for the Twin Comanche. The VC is shaping up to be one of my favorites I have ever created, so I hope that it impresses the most skeptical of VC fliers. Stay tuned, as I\’ll keep posting updates here of the progress!Owen

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