Colin McRae 1968-2007 RIP

I was deeply saddened by the news I stumbled upon this evening about the tragic helicopter accident that claimed the life of Colin McRae and 3 others on-board, including his 5-yr-old son. I have been a fan of the Codemasters’ series of rally games named after Colin since the very first version that I had to buy as an import from the UK in 1998. I have owned every version since as I have always enjoyed the virtual rally experience of driving. I was surprised that Codemasters dropped Colin’s name from the product with the latest version of their rally software called DiRT. Did they know something we didn’t?

My condolences to the McRae family in this time of shock. Colin was instrumental in introducing the world to the WRC and bringing the Subaru Impreza into the spotlight as a competitive platform for the WRC, which it remains to this day. Rest in peace Colin.


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