Why FS9 first then FSX for the Twin Comanche?

When we announced the Twin Comanche project at Eaglesoft, we made it clear that the first version to hit the streets will be the FS9 (FS 2004: A Century of Flight) version. An FSX version will come later, but it will take some time for that version to come. Why? The same reason that is has taken so long for many other vendors to produce FSX versions of previous FS9 aircraft. Aircraft XML has changed. Material properties have completely changed. There is a lot involved with converting it all … and that takes time. 

Generally, the gauges transfer over pretty well, at least, that is what I understand from Bill. The "gotcha" for me in particular will be getting the model going as an FSX model with FSX materials. Yes, I have an exterior model going in Max that I can still salvage (a few things have changed regarding the model that should not be too hard to transfer over). I’m glad that I have not taken the time to get the VC version over into Max, as quite a bit has changed there with regards to the model since we have been finalizing the FS9 model. When it’s all said and done, I’ll be the bottle-neck in the process, but I have a good plan in place to be as efficient as possible. Once the FS9 version goes RTM, I’ll be sure to keep posting updates as I work toward a true FSX version of the aircraft.

Onward and upward!


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One response to “Why FS9 first then FSX for the Twin Comanche?

  1. Alex

    I don\’t mind. My FS9 is running better than X anyways. Looking forward to the release, I\’ve been following this aircraft ever since DreemFleet started it!

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