Cut ACES some slack, will ya?

I just read today’s post by Sebby regarding his explanation for why shadows in the VC was not implemented as a DX9 feature set. His post is a result of the bashing the ACES team has been getting for even breathing the fact that it could have been a DX9 feature. Give these gents a break. They work awful hard to include features that people have requested and believe me, they have huge debates internally over stuff to include and what to not include. Limitations of hardware, shaders, etc. keep a lot of cool stuff from being included due to the enormous performance hit that would result. Years ago, people were hot about heat blur. Yeah, that would be a cool feature, but the performance hit that would result would have caused the sim to run with a huge performance hit. It just wasn’t a feasible feature. Who knows what DX10 will allow for the future …

Sebby provides two very valid points as to why they decided to not have shadows in the VC. He could have very easily let it slide and not go into why they were not included. Kudos to him for giving the thorough technical explanation!



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4 responses to “Cut ACES some slack, will ya?

  1. Unknown

    Hi there,

    The web brings out the worst in people. First the anonymity of the web means that people can be as rude and obnoxious as they want without others knowing how bad a person they are. Second, the fact that people are communicating with a computer and not face to face with a human being, they don’t really think or care that feelings may be hurt as the computer does not show emotion.
    I hope that the people at ACES realize this and you as well because you produce product for the people. This will continue to happen as long as the web stays anonymous with no consequences for slanderous behavior. I try to read the things I post after I have written them before posting. I find I change them quite a bit. I think that a lot of the mean spirited posts are quickly written with raw emotion and posted without thought to how it will be taken, or thought of anyone else.
    Thank You,
    Torg Smith

  2. Nick

    Adding to Torg\’s valid point and Owen\’s sentiment, regrettably a lot of people are just plain rude irrespective of the medium with which they choose to communicate. Thankfuly most adults can field a question without offending and should ignore those that can\’t 😉

  3. Jeff

    I see my reply is still the last one.  I wonder why no one cannot still show me one post where ACES has not delivered on what they said they were going to deliver on?
    Usually, when it comes time to put your money where your mouth is, most people have already spent their money. 
    Missery loves company, that\’s all there is to it folks.

  4. Owen

    Excellent feedback, gents! Thanks for taking the time to comment.Owen

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