Eaglesoft Twin Comanche for FS9 Now Released!

After years of development, the Twin Comanche is finally available for FS9! Features include:

Aircraft Feature List

  • Accurate and Finest Quality FS9 Model using the latest 3D Studio Max techniques
  • Specular Shine, Reflective DXT3 Textures
  • Accurate and Finest Quality Virtual Cockpit
  • Accurate and extremely realistic Flight Dynamics
  • Truly immersive sound experience based on real world PA-30 sounds
  • Accurate systems modeling Animated Pilot
  • Accurate animated control surfaces
  • Accurate reflective textures, dynamic shine, luxurious night lighting
  • Accurate wing views from the luxurious Cockpit
  • Three High Quality PA-30 liveries included
  • Easy to use PA-30 Repaint Kit to create your own favorite livery
  • Outstanding performance in FS9 with FS9 SP1!

Cockpit Feature List

  • Exclusive! 16:9 Widescreen Monitor 2D Panel supported!
  • Improved Photo Realistic 2D and VC Panel
  • Bendix King KI825 · J.P. Instruments EDM 760 · S-Tec 55X Autopilot
  • SimFlyer Garmin GNS480, MX20, and PMA8000 Audio Panel
  • Eaglesoft Garmin GTX 330 Transponder, Vatsim Comp
  • Extensive System Documentation including real world information

    ….And much more! Visit the Eaglesoft website to obtain your copy now!



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3 responses to “Eaglesoft Twin Comanche for FS9 Now Released!

  1. Nick

    Congratulations to yourself and the rest of the team Owen, this is truly a great addition to anyones hangar.

  2. Bill Womack

    Congrats, Owen! The Twinkie is a looker, for sure — you and the Eaglesoft team did a bang-up job. I\’m actually reinstalling and tweaking my FS9 so that I can get some time behind the yoke. I make an announcement on my blog at http://iblueyonder.wordpress.com/2007/10/13/eaglesoft-twin-commanche-takes-off/Uncork the champagne!Bill Womack

  3. Andrea

    Finally!! the first FS aircraft that support widescreen 16:10 monitor with 2d panel!!
    All the best

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