FSX version of the Twin Comanche status report

Since the release of the FS 2004 version of the Twin Comanche, I’ve been hard at work on getting the model converted to a true FSX-compliant version.  I’m happy to report that great progress has been made in the two weeks since then. As most people know, FSX uses a completely separate model for the exterior and interior. I have completed the exterior model as of Wednesday, and I’m already 25% done converting the interior model. Bill sent along an FSX-compliant gauge package the other day so that I can appropriately test things that interract with the pre-flight gauge, and we’ve gotten all of the bugs sorted there.

The challenge now is getting everything animated in the interior model. In FS9, we could simply animate and then name the part accordingly to the makemdl.parts.xml schema. It is a bit more complicated in FSX. The part has to not only be animated, but it also has to be tagged with the animation manager to define the animation in accordance with the modeldef.xml schema and then if the part is "clickable," it has to be tagged with the attachpoint tool as a MouseRec (Mouse Rectangle). A complicated process, yes – it takes quiet a bit of concentration to make sure no step is overlooked. That is why checklists are an essential part of my development methods. I’ve got a list of all parts I need to animate in the model with notes on whether the parts needs a MouseRec, etc. As thourough as I try to be, sometimes I miss things – that is why we beta test! Even though there should be little to test in the FSX version, we will still hold a thourough beta test before going public.

Stay tuned for more information and hopefully some screen captures soon! Have a great weekend.


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