FSX Twin Comanche … the public speaks!

The FSX Twin Comanche has been on the market for less than 48 hours, and already the public is giving rave reviews:

From the AVSIM forums:

"…This is my new DEFAULT aircraft! I just cannot believe how FSX, SP1, SP2, and Acceleration MIXED with UTX, FEX, Cloud 9, FS Genesis, and FURTHER MIXED with this wonderful Comanche make for one of the most pleasureable experiences I’ve ever had in this hobby."

"…For 20 bucks and change it’s an amazing deal with an excellent VC, well placed clickspots, removable yoke (love that feature), smooth gauges, flight model seem very well done, it works in DX10 preview and I’m seeing little FPS hit. This is my first Eaglesoft aircraft, I’ll now look forward to owning more, very, very impressed."

"…I see ZERO frame hits and unbelievable cockpit and spot realism. I don’t know how you did it, but other developers need to take a lesson here. There’s nothing worse than spending money on an aircraft only to have it "hiccup" its way through a sim. This Comanche is seamless on my system, and gives 100% enjoyment. Thanks again."

From the Sim-Outhouse forums:

"…Just got it and flew it–wonderful aircraft. One of the ONLY FSX add-ons I have that don’t have at least one little glitch in Acceleration. The best 21 bucks I"ve ever spent on an add-on. BRAVO!!!!!"

"…Yours feels really close to my admitedly poor memory, but the thing that hit me when I flew it the first time last night was when I turned downwind and the view of the runway totally went away as I panned to the left. Those engine nacelles totally block the view and I instantly remembered that from the real plane. Good stuff."


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One response to “FSX Twin Comanche … the public speaks!

  1. Unknown

    Hi there,
    I enjoyed it also. Having bought all but the SR-20 of you guys GA aircraft, I was able to load it up and fly without instructions. It did take me a bit to find the elevator trim indicator. 🙂 The hand crank for the trim is pretty cool.
    Thank You

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