Simming La Vida Loca with Jarn

First off, I’m sorry for the infrequent posts – things have been very busy for me in my "day-job" and family arenas. This time of year – "the holidays" – are always hectic for me. This will probably be the rule at least until after the New Year…

I have been keeping tabs on the community, though.

I ran across a great blog that I thought was worth passing along here. Jarn – Simming La Vida Loca! Jarn is a partner in FS-Dev-Support (or maybe he IS FS-Dev-Support!). He started out in June of this year with posting several well-done desktop wallpapers. Jarn has also published several reviews of the latest FS add-ons, including FSX Acceleration and Digital Aviation’s Cheyenne. It doesn’t end there. Jarn also publishes original articles on FS related topics such as improving TrackIR experiences and why defragging your HDD is important. I encourage you to visit Jarn’s site.


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