AVSIM reviews the Twin Comanche!

AVSIM has posted their review of the Eaglesoft Piper Twin Comanche. Here is the blurb from the front page:

Staff reviewer Angelique van Campen tours around the southern Florida area again, but this time in Eaglesoft’s Twin Comanche. "The Piper PA-30 and PA-39 Twin Comanche are a twin-engine development of the PA-24 Comanche single-engine aircraft. The Twin Comanche is the most fuel efficient aircraft in its class."

About the interior, Angelique comments, "I love the 2D view. Eaglesoft offers an IFR and VFR look. From the IFR panel, the lower part with all the switches is removed, which results in a lowering of the panel itself, so you’ve got more outside visibility and that’s then known as the VFR panel. When we start the VC, you can see it’s different than the 2D panel, but looking to the quality, there’s hardly any difference. In other words, the VC startup panel looks as great and sharp as the 2D version."

From the outside, "when we look at specific details of the aircraft, I’m surprised about those tiny things. For example; looking underneath the fuselage/wings, clearly can be seen the oil leak strips along the engine pylon to the wing surface. Generally, the whole look is very good, with lots of details."

Angelique continues her review by putting the Twin Comanche through its paces while on a test flight. Her conclusion reads, "after I spend lots of hours flying and looking around with the Piper PA-30, I can say that it’s one of my favorites. The 2D is offered in an IFR and VFR panel although there are hardly any differences. The instruments look great, they are sharp and this is especially important for the VC model. I can advise you to buy this Eaglesoft product."

Many thanks to AVSIM & Angelique for such a great review!


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