The Citation X 2.0 underway

I have been quiet lately with infrequent posts. This has not been in vain – I have been busy on several projects and I’ve kept my nose to the grindstone. I thought that it was a good opportunity to show some of the work that I’ve been doing now that I’ve reached a ‘milestone.’ Let me present the Citation X 2.0 for FSX.

I found this nice curvy paint scheme from the trusty resource of D-BKLI is the DaimlerChrysler Corporation’s Citation X. I used this scheme as a proof-of-concept for a new texturing technique I have implemented as a first for Eaglesoft. On the fuselage and engine nacelles, each polygon face has planar mapping. What this means in layman’s terms is that there will be no stretched or smeared textures, as existed on the original Eaglesoft Citation X. This technique will probably be a bit of a challenge for the repaint artists in the FS community, but I think they will quickly appreciate what can be done now. Stay tuned as I’ll start showing more progress as it is made with (hopefully) more frequent posts.

Important note: I would hope that the community would be educated enough to realize that this 2.0 is based upon the work of Bob Hayes’ original Citation X. His excellent model has left me (thankfully) very little to improve upon. The single biggest improvement will be the new texture layout – the actual polygonal structure of the aircraft is very accurate. Thanks Bob – it is an honor to continue the work you started!



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5 responses to “The Citation X 2.0 underway

  1. Bill Womack

    It look fabulous, Owen. Not that we\’d expect anything else from you ;-). The paint job you\’ve chosen as a test is indeed one of those that\’d make most repainters break out in a cold sweat. I\’m happy to hear you\’re knuckling down hard on the UVW mapping, though. Nothing bugs me more than smeared textures. Okay, war bugs me more. And hunger. So the list goes: war, hunger, poverty, and smeared textures. Thankfully, there\’s an answer to at least one of those now!Bill Womack

  2. Brian

    That is just straight up incredible man.  I\’m so impressed by your work.

  3. Rob Bruce

    Beautiful work Owen 🙂 Nice to see you taming\’ the FSX SDK. I\’m greatly looking forward further WIP pics.

  4. Christian

    Wow, looking amazing. I\’ll have to keep an eye on this one…

  5. Bob

    Great to hear that the Citation X Ver 2 is still an active project and one I have patiently ( well not always) been waiting for. As  a member of the FS9 majority who tried FSX and decided it wasn\’t worth the effort ( personal opinion) I am anxiously looking forward to this version of the Citation X. Keep up the great is appreciated by all.

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