Latest Buzz…

There has been quite a bit of "buzz" going on in the FS Community lately. If you haven’t been paying attention, here is a summary of a couple hot topics.


ACES: Yesterday & Today 

Phil Taylor just posted a very interesting blog entry describing the state of ACES as far as an organizational standpoint. There has been a lot of change there in the past 18 months. In addition to moving to a new building, it is interesting to see how the studio has been split up into 4 distinct areas: Core group – owners of the base platform; Flight Sim group – those who are responsible for taking FS to the next generation; Train Sim group – those who are taking the FSX platform and using it for trains; and the ESP group – taking the FS to a more professional level.  


Paul takes us behind the scenes 

Paul Lange is off to a great start with his new Spaces blog.  He  posted a great slideshow of some behind the scenes moments he was involved with during the production of FSX and Acceleration. He also posted a blog entry with some background on the photos.  


PSS shuts its doors

Long time producer of high quality FS add-on aircraft Phoenix Simulation Software (PSS) has shut down. It seems the biggest factor in this has been the rampant piracy of their products. Their closure has sparked some interesting threads at Simflight and AVSIM. Software piracy is something that I’ll probably post an entry on in the coming weeks…


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2 responses to “Latest Buzz…

  1. Francois

    Ah, you beat me to it I see (I also posted on my \’new\’ MS blog about the piracy subject….. AND had our support forum vandalized as a result!).Would be interesting to see if we can get some MS support on any new initiative on the matter….. Francois

  2. Bobby

    Looking forward to your piracy post, Ron and I have explored it much over the years. What\’s a DG to do!?

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