New FSX Citation X 2.0 render

She’s really coming along now. With Bobby‘s help, panel lines have been applied to the new fuselage, engine nacelles, and vertical stabilizer. Next will be some shadow enhancements Bobby has agreed to assist me with. Be sure to check out the progress he’s made on the FS9 2.0 version. Many thanks to Mike for his tutorial on rendering!



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6 responses to “New FSX Citation X 2.0 render

  1. Brian

    Owen, that is looking fantastic.  You are doing a great job.

  2. George

    Looking very sharp Owen. Question for you, do you know what fonts are on the WIS Newshawk helicopter? I am making a repaint of your Bell 206 in the WIS-TV Newshawk colors and I need the fonts or something similar to complete the Newshawk logo on the doors.

  3. Nick

    That really does look fantastic Owen.   Nice work!Oh, and thanks for the link to Mike\’s tutorial!

  4. Christian

    Looking amazing, Owen!

  5. Bobby

    Owen, perfect render sir. She\’s going to look amazing in FSX!

  6. Francois

    Hi Owen,U usually don\’t fly those rockets…. but this one might just make me change my mind. Looks awesomely nice !! :-)Francois

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