In honor of the late Steve Fossett

This is a recreation of the late Steve Fossett’s Citation X, N377SF to honor his life as an aviator and adventurer. Though his remains have yet to be found, may his soul forever fly high.



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3 responses to “In honor of the late Steve Fossett

  1. Bill Womack

    A fitting tribute, Owen. And nice work in its own right!

  2. Nikhil

    That is beautiful!! and very fitting…
    Didnt share his fortune but definitely shared his passion. But only multi-millionaires can become millionaires in this business.

  3. Unknown

    Wow.. He was my best friend, comming across this brought tears to my eyes, he was such a great guy. I still remember first time meeting him he is very down to earth and i thought his citation x at first was borrowing it or chartered it. ha ha. he had a motor glider which wanted to break some records in left me the keys to fly whenever i wanted which ment a lot. and damn that citation flies nice!

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