5000th Citation!

From the memorial of the previous post, I thought that a more upbeat commemorative edition of the CX was in order. May I present a recreation of the 5000th Citation! This aircraft is operated in the real world by XOJET and took delivery in December of 2007. XOJET currently flies 15 Citation X aircraft, and has agreed to purchase 30 more! The Citation X has been sold since 1996 and continues to be very successful as the fastest business aircraft available.



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5 responses to “5000th Citation!

  1. Bobby

    Wow Owen, you have done some terrific work there! It\’s so much more fun to paint away on the big templates we have now, and the results really make this aircraft pop like it should. Nice!

  2. Bobby

    PS, you really nailed the \’shine\’ material too, perfecto!

  3. Robin

    Nice plane ;), keep up the good work Owen

  4. Larry Smith

    Nice job! Looks like you might be missing grey ‘ghost stripes’ on upper fuselage and v-stab though(?). I used to fly this rig and it always got a lot of attention wherever we’d show up with it – and yes it will go .92M (FL410 or lower) when you’re light enough and it’s cold enough (ISA minus). Awesome machine!!!

  5. Larry Smith

    BTW – the registration has been N770XJ since XOJets took delivery, but it was sold it to Nephron Pharmaceuticals in December 2009 and is still operated under that registration.

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